A pioneer in the online advertising industry, visionary businessman Daniel Yomtobian combines the work ethic instilled in him by his industrious parents with a cutting-edge sensibility. Another example of an Internet thought leader who left college to concentrate on a business idea, Mr. Yomtobian embarked on his emerging career at a young age. While attending college full time in Southern California during the early stages of the Internet’s growth, he pursued business opportunities at the convergence of the rapidly expanding technology and advertising fields. Among his early business ventures, which also included domain name investing, WayInternet proved to be successful as it functioned as an online advertising and media company. Mr. Yomtobian sold his interest in the company in 2001 to form the seed money for his next venture, ABCSearch.

With ABCSearch, Daniel Yomtobian firmly entrenched himself as a driving force in the digital advertising industry. With the purchase of the domain name Advertise.com in 2009, Mr. Yomtobian rebranded ABCSearch after eight years of steady growth. At present, Advertise.com claims the top spot among all privately owned pay-per-click services. Building Advertise.com into the Internet’s premier advertising and marketing service, Mr. Yomtobian’s 11-year-old company serves more than 20 billion ad impression per month, across it’s search, email, and content traffic channels, garnering accolades from the industry.

During his off hours, Daniel Yomtobian enjoys traveling and finding the unique experiences that accompany his exploration of the world. In addition, Mr. Yomtobian enjoys learning how to fly and spending time with family.


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